Today is a new day for parents who want to transition safely through and out of conflict. 

Why is this news?  Because this is unsafe territory for good parents and children, and the “playing field” known as Family Court is filled with hidden potholes.

Everyone is in agreement.   The debate was held and documentaries were unveiled. National and local news media have reported.  Did you listen?  

Anyone who takes a good look inside courtrooms, who sees the evidence being ignored, and who does not turn away from outcomes we are seeing must agree.  This makes no sense.  The question is how do we explain this, where do we go for help to correct the problems, and how do we help families and children recover?

The world is watching as this latest Georgia story unfolds, under the spotlight of the 2014 Masters Tournament in Augusta. 

Augusta Gets the Green Light is the landing page for this developing story.

Parents, grandparents and ethical professionals now have the green light to share their experiences.


What is our Call to Action from these stories?  

Children need the best of both parents. In this moment, we can help this father have a chance to defend himself and get back to work.  He wants to provide for his daughter.  This father is one of several being denied basic rights, and likewise there are mothers also falsely accused and blocked from protecting and nurturing children.  In all of these cases, the needs of children are ignored.

If you are interested in what is bringing parents and professionals together, from Atlanta to Augusta, then check our News section, and follow on Twitter using these hashtags: #GreenLightAugusta #NeedforGreen #ProtectChildren #NeedsofChildren and #FamilyCourtReform.  

Specific to the turmoil, injury and loss we are seeing in Augusta, Georgia, please watch for #OutsideTheGates.  

Who can benefit from My Advocate Center’s involvement in conflict resolution?

Parents who are facing a possible legal conflict, our “Contact Us” page is your next step.  Connect with our team right away so you can get informed about the process and plan for the best possible outcome for your family.

Legislators are being asked this year to help prepare a reform agenda that will better support parents and children, especially where they are caught in high-conflict legal matters, and where any type of misconduct is involved.  To learn more, visit this page on our reform initiative.  This section is under development, but our Capitol is now engaged.

Professionals are connecting with us to offer better education of both parents and elected officials, and to contribute to the solutions being discussed and added to our offerings.  We are hosting our first round table discussion soon to encourage more thought leadership on how to improve consistency across counties and to improve family law practices in ways that are better for our families and community.  See our “Counsel for Change” on LinkedIn.

Growing awareness and encouraging reform:

Did you hear Dr. Drew?  He said "Support Family Court Reform." My Advocate Center is on it.

Did you hear Dr. Drew? He said “Support Family Court Reform.” My Advocate Center is on it.

Dr. Drew revealed in the shocking Divorce Corp. film that the Business of Divorce is out of control and in need of serious reform.

Dr. Drew’s interview: WATCH HERE.   

If you missed our January screening, please visit our News/In the Press sections to learn what Atlanta News media covered.

If you are interested in a future screening and discussion, please email here.

Learn more about the film here, let us know what you need from My Advocate Center, or how you can help this mission:

It’s time for parents, professionals, policymakers and all who care about the health of our children and communities to understand what we are doing, why, and how to support much-needed change in the family court environment.  Contact us if you want to learn more about the path to reform.

Our mission is to serve Parents, Professionals and Policymakers:  Review our full Mission Statement.


Our priorities in bringing reform:

  • The Safety of Children and Support for Parents
  • Civil rights / Due Process
  • Mental health and stability
  • Preserving parents’ rights and allowing them to provide for and nurture their own children
  • Uplifting the best Professionals and showing Consumers how to know the difference
  • The integrity of our Legal System and restoring the Public Trust being displaced by unethical family court practices
  • Discussions are developing into solutions on Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Join in online or offline to contribute to solutions, better resources and to reform

Watch the Divorce Corp. and No Way Out But One documentaries for more insight into why so many parents are asking for help.  Another documentary coming out that we will screen and report on in Georgia is the Kids for Cash story in June 2014.  These stories have a common thread, and that is deception using our court system and taking advantage of vulnerable parties — especially when children are involved.  

Contact us about a private screening if appropriate.